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Move Out Cleaning

Moving out is a hectic and challenging task. You need to manage so many things simultaneously. From packaging, to place hunting, to your daily routine, to leaving your current place in an appropriate condition, you just have so much on your plate. In such a situation, forcing yourself to do the move out cleaning yourself would be oppression that you would do with yourself. that’s why Pure End of Tenancy Cleaning brought its best tenancy cleaning services at the most reasonable prices, so you won’t have any reason to tire yourself. 

The significance of move-out cleaning

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of move-out cleaning. Lease agreements frequently contain particular cleaning obligations from the landlord. Tenants must meet these requirements in order to get a reimbursement of their security deposit. Moreover, a clean property makes a good first impression on property owners or prospective tenants by demonstrating responsibility and care.

Cleaning scope

Our move-out cleaning services such as End of Tenancy Cleaning Harrow include a detailed cleaning of every space on the property. This comprises:


  • Dusting and cleaning all surfaces, such as light fixtures, baseboards, and walls.
  • Cleaning or vacuuming floors, especially those behind furniture.
  • Washing the blinds, sills, and windows.
  • Cobweb removal


  • Toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, and tiles should all be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Sanitizing cabinets, countertops, and mirrors.
  • Cleaning every fixture.


  • Cleaning the stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher, as well as other kitchen appliances, both inside and outside.
  • Cleaning backsplashes, cabinets, and counters.
  • The kitchen sink should be cleaned and degreased.

Living area

  • Washing and dusting every surface.
  • Carpets can be steam- or vacuum-cleaned.
  • Sweeping and wiping off hard surfaces.
  • Washing the doors and windows.

Tasks associated with tenancy cleaning

This section is particularly for you if you are planning to do the tenancy cleaning on your own. Although we advise you to make things easy for yourself and have professional services, if still you want to DIY this cleaning then here are a few things that you need to be careful about;

Gathering supplies

Before beginning the cleaning, make sure you have everything you’ll need, such as vacuum cleaners, mops, scrub brushes, sponges, glass cleaners, disinfectants, and cleaners designed specifically for various surfaces and appliances.

Planning and timing

It is best to schedule the move-out cleaning a few days before the final inspection or the day of relocation. This gives you time to take care of any areas that were overlooked or unforeseen problems that might come up while cleaning.

DIY vs. professional services

While some renters choose to perform the cleaning themselves in order to save money, however, hiring professionals like us can ensure a more comprehensive service. Our experts possess the know-how, specialized equipment, and cleaning solutions needed to effectively meet certain cleaning requirements.

Making a checklist

Make a thorough checklist that includes all the cleaning duties needed for every room and space on the property to make sure nothing is missed. As a reference, some property managers or landlords may offer their own checklist.

Inspection and re-cleaning

Following the cleaning, make sure everything is in compliance by doing a comprehensive inspection. Prior to the final inspection, take care of any issues that were overlooked or require more attention.

Optimizing the return on deposit

Regaining the full security deposit is far more likely when the move-out cleaning is done with great care. Returning the security deposit is mostly dependent on you keeping the place spotless and according to the landlord’s cleaning requirements. You can achieve this by having our professional services such as end of tenancy cleaning Richmond. Such services will ensure that you won’t have to compromise your security deposit because of property maintenance issues.

Thus, investing in our services will be worth every penny as you would be able to have your full security deposit back. Moreover, you won’t have to tire yourself when there are professionals who will make sure to do the cleaning in the best way possible. 


In the end, it is safe to say that having our professional services would be of great help to have a smooth transition between places, as well as you can guarantee your entire security deposit back.

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