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Comprehensive kitchen cleaning as a part of end of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon

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The kitchen is frequently the main area of focus when it comes to end-of-tenancy cleaning. In addition to adding to the property’s overall charm, a well-kept kitchen makes for a seamless transition between tenants. We at Pure End Tenancy Cleaning strive to give you the most pristine and hygienic kitchen possible by going above and above with our all-inclusive kitchen cleaning while offering our service end of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon.

Cleaning of appliances

The appliances are the foundation of every kitchen. The refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and other kitchen appliances are all meticulously cleaned by our knowledgeable staff. We get rid of food scraps, accumulated grease, and persistent smells so that your appliances are not only spotless but also operating at peak efficiency. Moreover, we include you in our cleaning procedure, so you know what you are getting from our cleaning experts. 

Cleaning cabinets and cupboards

Over time, dirt and dust can build up on cabinets and cupboards. All cabinets and cupboards receive a thorough washing and sanitization from our cleaning professionals. We take extra care with knobs and handles to make sure every inch of your kitchen’s storage area is spotless. This inside cleaning of the cabinets gives a well-put look to the kitchen and shows how detail-oriented our cleaning staff is.  

Sanitizing countertops and surfaces

Bacteria and germs thrive on countertops and other surfaces. To ensure a hygienic space for food preparation, we sanitize and wipe off all countertops using cleaning products certified by the industry. From eliminating tough stains to bringing back the luster of your surfaces, our staff is committed to providing flawless outcomes. Our detailed End of tenancy cleaning Watford service covers every little nuance of kitchen cleaning, so you can have a sparkly kitchen at the end. 

Floor scrubbing and polishing

Kitchen floors are prone to dirt and grime due to frequent foot traffic and spills. Therefore, it is important to scrub and polish them. Taking into account various flooring types, our comprehensive kitchen cleaning comprises a thorough floor scrubbing and polishing. 

Whether your kitchen floor is made of laminate, hardwood, or tiles, we use the correct methods and supplies to bring it back to life. Thus, you can rest assured about the cleaning products. Regardless, of the kitchen floor type, our professionals would use the cleaning agent appropriately. 

Sink and faucet restoration

Restoring a clean, shiny sink is a sign of a kitchen that has been well-maintained. This also applies to faucets. We clean your sink and faucets of stains, soap scum, and limescale buildup. Our crew makes sure that your fixtures are free of obstructions and drainage problems in addition to being immaculate.

Cleaning of ventilation and exhaust systems

Grease and dust buildup over time can reduce the effectiveness of kitchen ventilation systems and exhaust fans. Ventilation hoods and exhaust fans are meticulously cleaned as part of our end of tenancy cleaning Islington service, guaranteeing peak performance and preserving indoor air quality.

Window and door cleaning

Natural light makes a kitchen seem more appealing overall. We remove dust, grime, and fingerprints from windows and doors. This gives prospective tenants a lasting impression by brightening the area and giving them a good view of the outside. Window and door sills, their design and handles are cleaned carefully to give them a thorough clean they very much need.

Pest control procedures

To protect your home from pests, a thorough kitchen cleaning service includes pest control procedures. We take care of pest-prone areas, so your kitchen is not only clean but also shielded from future infestations. We use proper desensitization techniques to make sure your kitchen cleaning and hygiene are on top all the time. 


Our thorough kitchen cleaning service goes above and beyond to provide you with a kitchen that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also hygienic and practical. We work hard to surpass your expectations with our attention to detail and dedication to excellence because we recognize how crucial a spotless kitchen is to the end-of-tenancy process. You can rely on us to turn your kitchen into a room that will increase the worth of your house significantly and make moving in for new tenants easy.

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