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Detailed bathroom cleaning checklist under end of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon

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Keeping the bathroom immaculate is essential when it comes to end-of-tenancy cleaning. In addition to making a good first impression on the landlord or property management, a tidy and hygienic bathroom helps the next tenant move in more easily. To make sure that every crevice of the bathroom is completely cleaned and sterilized, our team of cleaning specialists adheres to a comprehensive bathroom cleaning checklist while offering our services like end of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon. An outline of the extensive checklist we use is provided below;

Routine cleaning

  • Eliminate cobwebs

Using a duster or vacuum cleaner attachment, we begin by eliminating any cobwebs from light fittings, ceilings, and corners. 

  • Dust surfaces

To eliminate dust and filth, all surfaces including countertops, shelves, and cabinets—are dusted and cleaned with a moist cloth or microfiber cloth. 

  • Clean glass and mirrors

To guarantee a shine without streaks, glass cleaner is applied to the surfaces of mirrors and glass.

  • Clean light fixtures and ventilation

Dust and clean ventilation fans and light fixtures. This includes cleaning and dusting light bulbs and covers. Dust accumulation is also removed by cleaning ventilation fans. 

  • Clean doorknobs and light switches

To get rid of bacteria and germs, sterilize and wipe off doorknobs and other high-touch surfaces.

Toilet cleaning

  • Clean outside surfaces

A disinfectant cleaner is used to completely clean the toilet’s outside surfaces, which include the tank, seat, and base. 

  • Clean interior bowl

To get rid of buildup and stains, the interior of the toilet bowl is scrubbed and cleaned using a toilet brush and toilet bowl cleaner. While offering our End of tenancy cleaning Watford our cleaners especially care for this step.

  • Disinfect handles and flush lever

To get rid of bacteria and germs, disinfect handles and flush levers. 

  • Clean behind and around the toilet
  • We make sure that the floor and baseboards, as well as the regions behind and surrounding the toilet, are properly cleaned.

Shower and bathtub cleaning

  • Eliminate soap scum and grime

Use a non-abrasive cleaning or vinegar solution to get rid of soap scum and grime from shower walls, bathtub surfaces, and fixtures.

  • Clean shower head and faucets

To ensure adequate water flow and remove mineral deposits, showerheads, and faucets are cleaned and descaled. 

  • Scrub grout and tiles

To get rid of dirt, mold, and mildew, scrub the grout lines and tiles with a grout brush and tile cleaner. 

  • Clean shower door or curtain

Water stains and soap residue are eliminated by cleaning and wiping down shower doors and curtains.

Cleaning of sinks and vanity

  • Clean sink besan

Scrub and clean the sink basin to get rid of buildup and stains. You can use a light cleaner or baking soda paste for this.

  • Clean fixtures and faucets

To get rid of fingerprints and water stains, fixtures, handles, and other items are cleaned and polished. 

  • Wipe down countertops and cabinets

To get rid of spills, dust, and grime, countertops, and cabinets are wiped down and cleaned.

  • Clean drain and overflow

To guarantee appropriate drainage, the sink drain and overflow are cleaned and debris-free.

Floor cleaning  

  • Vacuum and sweep

To start, we vacuum or sweep the bathroom floor to remove any loose dirt or debris. 

  • Mop floors

To get rid of stains and sanitize the surface, the floors are next swept with a floor cleaning or disinfecting cleaner. 

  • Take note of baseboards

To get rid of dust and filth accumulation, baseboards are cleaned and wiped off. 

Extra assignments

  • Replace hand soap and toilet paper

If supplied, we make sure that dispensers for hand soap and toilet paper are replaced for the convenience of the incoming renter. 

  • Examine the bathroom for leaks and damage

We check the bathroom for any indications of water damage, leaks, or plumbing problems, and we notify the property manager or landlord of any findings.

Final inspection

After the cleaning is finished, we do a last inspection to ensure our service such as End of tenancy cleaning Islington is carried out to our exact standards. 


We guarantee that the bathroom is left in immaculate shape, exceeding the expectations of both landlords and tenants, by adhering to this thorough bathroom cleaning checklist. Our painstaking attention to detail and dedication to quality guarantee while offering our services like end of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon will enable you to have quality cleaning for your place. 

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