Pure End of Tenancy CleaningPure End of Tenancy Cleaning

How much end of lease cleaning cost?

End of lease cleaning cost

An essential stage for renters leaving rental homes is end of lease cleaning. Most of the time, landlords and property managers want a complete cleaning of the rental unit at the end of the tenancy. They ensure that the property is thoroughly cleaned before giving the renters their security deposit back. 

The size of the property, the degree of cleaning required, the location, and any other services requested can all affect the Move out cleaning expenses. We will examine the numerous factors that affect the price of this cleaning in this post. And give you a thorough overview of the potential costs involved.

Factors affecting the move-out cleaning cost

  • Property Dimensions

The size of the property is one of the key elements that affect how much tenancy cleaning will cost. Larger homes often cost more to clean than smaller ones since they take more time, labor, and materials to do so. 

Companies that provide this cleaning often have a tiered price structure based on the property’s square footage or number of rooms. To learn about our price structure, you can reach us anytime. Our professional will provide all the details you may need to learn about our service packages.

  • Cleaning Level

Another important aspect in calculating the cost of this cleaning is the amount of cleaning necessary. If the property is well-maintained and reasonably clean, the cost will probably be reduced. It will take the cleaning service less time and effort to meet the required standards. 

However, if the home is really dirty or has a lot of stains and grime, a deep cleaning may be necessary. This will raise the entire cost. The best thing you can do is search for a company that is transparent about its payment plans. This way you don’t have to pay any hidden charges later.

  • Details Regarding Cleaning

The lease agreement for a particular rental property could have specific cleaning requirements. For instance, the landlord can demand that you clean the carpets, furniture, or windows outside. These extra services will come with additional fees, which will raise the final cleaning bill. 

  • Location

The cost of cleaning may differ according to the rental property’s location. Metropolitan locations may have higher charges for cleaning services compared to suburban or rural areas. Factors such as the cost of living, the accessibility of cleaning services, and consumer demand affect the pricing. 

But if you are here then you are at the perfect place. You can be stress-free about your location because our extensive cleaning services will not be influenced by your location in any way, including cost. 

  • Charges from the cleaning company

Each cleaning company has its pricing policies and methods for estimating costs. Some could charge a set fee based on the size of the property, while others might offer tailored rates after physically inspecting the property. 

To evaluate costs and the range of cleaning services provided, it is important to acquire numerous estimates from different cleaning agencies. To get more details about our service packages you can reach us anytime. Our client support team is here for you any time of the day.  

  • Included and Excluded

When comparing estimates from various cleaning businesses, you should take into consideration the inclusions and exclusions of their services. A company’s base charge may include standard cleaning procedures like vacuuming, mopping, and dusting. Additionally, they might advertise other jobs such as cleaning the oven, refrigerator, or balcony as add-on services with extra fees.

Cleaning: Homemade vs. Professional

It’s important to keep in mind that professional cleaners have the knowledge and tools necessary to guarantee the property satisfies the landlord’s criteria. Even if some tenants may contemplate performing the cleaning themselves to save money, it would be better to hire professionals. Inadequate housekeeping can result in your security deposit being taken back, leading to potentially paying more in the long run.

End of lease cleaning Cost Average

The size of the house and the number of rooms determine how much this cleaning will cost. The cost often lies in the £180–4151 range. The cleaning company projects that a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment will cost £220 for an end-of-tenancy clean and will take three to four hours to complete. They also expect that an end-of-tenancy clean for a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment will cost around £260 and will take between four and five hours to complete.

What does this cleaning include?

Depending on the cleaning business and the specifications of the property, the particular chores that make up this cleaning may change. But common inclusions are:

  • Cleaning all floors with a hoover and a hoover.
  • Sweeping and dusting all surfaces, including shelves, fixtures, and counters.
  • Cleaning the mirrors and windows inside.
  • Cleaning the cobwebs from the ceiling and walls.
  • Cleaning the interior and outside of kitchen appliances.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the restrooms, including the sinks, showers, and toilets.
  • Baseboards and door frames should be cleaned.
  • Wherever feasible, cleaning stains and markings from the walls.
  • Cleaning and emptying garbage cans.

Optional extras may be provided, including additional services like steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, and outside window cleaning.

Locating a good service provider

You may conduct an internet search on Google, Angie’s List, HomeGuide, and other home services websites to discover a reliable cleaner for your house. Inquire about recommendations from friends, family, and neighbours as well. Make a list of possible candidates and contrast their offerings, costs, testimonials, and availabilities. 

Additionally, you want to look into their background, goals, and qualifications, such as their license, bond, and insurance. Regarding this, if you are here then you are at the right spot. We not only offer the best end of lease cleaning but the budget-friendly ones on top of that. 


Depending on various factors Professional cleaning rates East London varies a great deal. Hiring our reliable cleaning firm that provides fair pricing can provide you with the desired results. We guarantee that our service can satisfy the precise specifications mentioned in your lease agreement. A professional end-of-lease clean can help you get your entire security deposit back and make a good impression on your landlord or property management. 

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