Pure End of Tenancy CleaningPure End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning London- Room-by-room guide


It can be stressful to move out of a rental home, especially if you have to make sure you leave everything immaculate to save your deposit. To satisfy rental agencies and landlords, services like end of tenancy cleaning London are important because they offer a comprehensive and organized strategy. You may effectively and efficiently clean any room with the aid of this instruction.

General tips

Before hiring services like End of tenancy cleaning Harrow you should make sure that your service providers keep the following things in mind.  

  • Checklist: Make a checklist to make sure you don’t overlook anything.
  • Materials: Assemble the vacuum, mop, cleaning solutions, microfiber towels, scrub brushes, gloves, and trash bags, among other cleaning items.
  • Top to bottom: To prevent having to redecorate, clean everything from top to bottom.
  • Stubborn stains: Give areas with heavy dirt or stubborn stains more time.
  • Final examination: To find any areas that were overlooked after cleaning, conduct a final examination.

Living room

Cleaning and dusting

  • Ceiling and corners: Clear the light fixtures, ceiling, and corners of cobwebs.
  • Walls and baseboards: Use a moist cloth to clean the walls and baseboards.
  • Light switches and fixtures: Dust light switches and clean light fixtures.
  • Windows and blinds: Dust or wash the blinds, and clean the windows both inside and out.


  • Carpets: Vacuum your carpets thoroughly. For serious stains, think about steam cleaning or utilizing a carpet cleaner.
  • Hardwood or tiles: Carefully sweep and clean floors made of hardwood or tile to make sure no stains or marks remain.


  • Upholstery: Vacuum-upholstered pieces of furniture, especially those with under cushions.
  • Wooden furniture: Wipe out any dust or debris from the wood.



  • Oven: Take the racks out and clean them independently. To clean the interior, use an oven cleaner. Remember to check the oven door.
  • Stovetop: Scrub the surface and the burners. If necessary, remove and clean the drip pans.
  • Refrigerator: Defrost and empty the refrigerator. Tidy internal walls, drawers, and shelves. Remember to include the handles and top.
  • Microwave: Dust the interior and outside, as well as the turntable.
  • Dishwasher: Wipe off the exterior and run a cleaning cycle with a dishwashing cleanser.


  • Counters: Every countertop should be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Sink: Empty and shine the sink, making sure the tap is spotless.
  • Cabinets and drawers: Make sure there are no crumbs or trash by emptying them, and wiping them out both inside and outside.


  • Sweep and mop: Give the floor a good sweep and mop, being mindful of nooks and under appliances.


Fittings and fixtures 

  • Toilet: Scrub the outside, seat, and bowl. Remember to look behind the toilet.
  • Bathroom/Shower: Clean the fixtures, grout and tiles. Wash the shower curtain or door.
  • Sink: Scrub and shine the tap and sink.


  • Mirrors: To make sure your mirrors are streak-free, use a glass cleaner.
  • Tiles: Make sure the grout is clean and wipe down the tiles.
  • Cabinets and drawers: Clear the interior and outside, then wipe down.


  • Sweep and Mop: Make sure every part of the floor is dry and clean by doing a sweep and mop.


Cleaning and Dusting

  • Ceiling and corners: Clear any cobwebs from the ceiling and corners.
  • Baseboards and Walls: Dust the baseboards and walls.
  • Light Switches and Fixtures: Keep light switches and fixtures clean.
  • Windows and Blinds: Dust or wash the blinds, and clean the windows both inside and out.


  • Drawers and Wardrobes: Clean the interior and outside, and empty the contents.
  • Mattresses: Give them a good vacuum, and think about applying fabric freshener.


  • Carpets: Vacuum your carpets thoroughly. For tough stains, think about getting a professional clean.
  • Hardwood or tiles: If you have hardwood or tile floors, be sure to sweep and mop to leave no stains.

Stairs and hallways

Cleaning and dusting

  • Ceiling and corners: Clear cobwebs from the ceiling and corners.
  • Baseboards and walls: clean them.
  • Light switches and fixtures: Keep light switches and fixtures clean.
  • Banisters and Handrails: Dust off the banisters and handrails.


  • Carpets: Vacuum your carpets thoroughly.
  • Hardwood or tiles: Mop and sweep hardwood or tile surfaces.


Although tenancy cleaning can be a difficult task, you can make sure that the home is left in immaculate shape by having a service like End of tenancy cleaning Islington. In addition to helping you get your deposit back, this will make a good impression on your landlord or rental agent. Cheers to your housekeeping!

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