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End of tenancy cleaning Richmond checklist for landlords


Maintaining the value of your property and drawing in dependable tenants depend heavily on you as the landlord keeping it immaculate between tenants. The end of the tenancy cleaning process is a vital step in this regard. The home will be turned over in immaculate shape, exceeding the expectations of both landlords and new tenants, thanks to comprehensive and expert services like end of tenancy cleaning Richmond.

Landlords can expedite this procedure by adhering to a thorough checklist for tenancy cleaning services like end of tenancy cleaning Watford. The specifics of such a checklist will be covered in this article, along with a step-by-step explanation to make sure every crevice and spot on your property is thoroughly cleaned.

General cleaning

  • Dust and cobwebs

Ask your service provider to take out any dust and cobwebs from every room to start the cleaning procedure. Particular attention should be given to light fittings, ceiling edges, and corners. 

  • Walls and ceilings

Examine the walls and ceilings for any stains or blemishes. You can ask cleaners to use an appropriate cleaning solution to fix any problems or you can think about repainting if needed.

  • Doors and handles

You need to ask your service provider to dust off all of the door frames and handles. Please make sure there are no stains or fingerprints on them.

  • Windows and sills

Our cleaners will wash the windows from the inside out as well as the sills. They will make sure to clear away any accumulated dust or filth.

  • Skirting boards

Ask our cleaners to clean skirting boards thoroughly, being sure to get rid of any dirt or scuff marks. A flawless polish amplifies the property’s allure.


  • Appliances

The refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and other kitchen appliances should all be cleaned and sanitized. If any of the appliance has residual smell ask your service provider to make sure to eliminate any residual smells.

  • Cabinets and drawers

Ask your cleaner to give them a thorough cleaning on the outside and inside. Eliminate any lingering food stains or spillage.

  • Kitchen countertops

Ask your cleaner to give them a thorough cleaning and disinfection to make sure there are no stains or residues left behind.

  • Sink and faucets

Clear the sink and faucets of any debris and limescale. Look for any drips or leaks. Ask your service provider to go through with their cleaning

  • Floor

Mop the kitchen floor, being especially careful in tight spaces and around corners.


  • Tiles and grout

Clean the grout and tiles in the bathroom to get rid of any mold or mildew. If need be, think about resealing. Mind that resealing is not part of the end-of-tenancy cleaning service. 

  • Toilet

Ask to thoroughly clean and sanitize the toilet, keeping the outside and the bowl clean. Look for any leaks or flushing problems and make sure to treat them before renting your property out. 

  • Shower and bathtub

Clean and descale the shower and bathtub. Make sure there are no obstructions in the drainage system.

  • Vanity and sink

Dust the mirrors, vanity, and sink. Take care of any soap residue or water stains.

Living room

Carpets and rugs

Give them a steam and vacuum cleaning. Address any stains or odors. Mind that services like our end of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon include this task in their package but some services don’t. So, asking beforehand is a wise approach. 


Dust and thoroughly clean all upholstered furniture. Examine any wear and tear or defects.

Electrical Fixtures

Wipe off dust and dust outlets, switches, and light fixtures. Change any burned-out light bulbs.


To ensure optimal air quality, make sure all vents and air ducts are clean.

Outside Spaces

Garden and lawn

Make sure the garden is kept up to date by cutting the grass and pulling weeds.

External walls

Examine the outside walls for any indications of deterioration or discoloration. If necessary, think of pressure washing.

Windows and doors

Give them a thorough cleaning on the outside. Any broken displays should be replaced.

Waste bins

Both inside and outside the home, empty and clean the waste bins.

Mind that, asking to be thorough with your service provider is a must to ensure the desirable cleaning. In this regard, pure end of tenancy cleaning is here to help. So, reach us to have the immaculate tenancy cleaning services before renting out your property.

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