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A detailed comparison between services of regular cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning East London

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  • A detailed comparison between services of regular cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning East London

You are about to move out and wondering where to start your tenancy cleaning. We understand it might be extremely stressful for you. Managing different aspects of life, working full time, and dealing with other areas of the moving-out procedure, all of this hectic. With so much in plate doing tenancy cleaning could be gruesome. To make things easy for you, we are offering our end of tenancy cleaning east London service. 

If you think it would be just any other regular cleaning service, then you are mistaken. We are proud to offer our specifically designed tenancy cleaning services. but if you are not convinced, how our services are different, then no worries, we are here to make you understand.

Purpose of regular cleaning vs End of tenancy cleaning Watford service

Regular cleaning

First and foremost, regular cleaning is done to maintain the hygiene and aesthetics of the place. Unlike tenancy cleaning this cleaning focuses on general cleaning and maintaining the place. Mostly, it covers only tasks like dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and other such services. 

Tenancy cleaning

This cleaning is more thorough and is done to achieve a certain level of professional cleaning. It is aimed to do the cleaning more thoroughly and deeply to make sure the property is clean for the upcoming tenants. If you have time, you can do this cleaning on your own. However, it is advised to have professional services for this cleaning. 

Frequency of occurrence

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning is mostly done on a regular, weekly, or biweekly basis. This cleaning is responsible for maintaining the shape of the property. So, this cleaning is done to make sure the ambiance, vie, and aesthetics of the place are intact without compromising the hygiene standards. 

Tenancy cleaning

This cleaning is done only at the end of the tenancy. Sometimes, it is the tenants’ responsibility to do the cleaning, while other times it is the landlord’s duty. Regardless, of whose duty it is, this cleaning demands a certain level of professionalism that is hard to achieve on your own. Thus, this is where our services like End of tenancy cleaning Lislington come into the picture.

Scope of both cleaning types

Regular cleaning

This cleaning is linked to just day-to-day maintenance tasks. Thus, it is safe to say that it is the basic cleaning that you can easily do on your own. The goal of this cleaning is to make sure the place is presentable all the time. It includes basic tasks such as cleaning the surfaces, tidying up, and stuff like that.

End of tenancy cleaning

This cleaning is done at the end of the lease to make sure your landlord won’t raise any issues at the end of the tenancy. They can easily deduct your deposit money in case you are not thorough with your tenancy cleaning. Thus, the only possible answer you may have is, that you get professional services. In this regard, Pure End of Tenancy Cleaning offers its great services such as End of Tenancy Cleaning Harrow. These services will cover each and every area that you could overlook easily. 

Tasks included in regular cleaning vs. tenancy cleaning service

Regular cleaning

The basic tasks that are included in the regular cleaning services are;

  • Floor cleaning- moping, sweeping, or vacuuming the carpets 
  • Dusting, and cleaning the surfaces
  • Basic tidying up
  • Remove trash and empty the bins
  • Doing dishes, and wiping kitchen tops
  • Cleaning toilet and bathroom floor

End of tenancy cleaning 

We cover a comprehensive task list under our services like end of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon. However, it is difficult to go through all the tasks we cover in our services. So, some top ones are;

  • Deep cleaning of the whole place
  • Cleaning of appliances
  • Cleaning kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Removing soap scum or limescale from the bathroom
  • Dealing with mold if any
  • Carpet washing (if necessary)
  • Using selective cleaners to be thorough with the cleaning
  • Window cleaning (both inside and outside)
  • Upholstery and roof cleaning
  • Air ventilation system cleaning
  • Chimney cleaning 
  • Wall cleaning etc.

Intensity of both cleaning services

Regular cleaning

These basic cleaning services mainly focus on the basic regular cleanliness and maintenance of the property. So, these cleaning services are normally less intense and cleaners often charge a few pounds per hour. 

End of tenancy cleaning

This cleaning is more thorough and deeper and requires a certain level of professionalism. Thus, this cleaning is more intense compared to regular cleaning and costs a little more. 


In the end, it is safe to say that, both regular and tenancy cleaning are quite different from each other. So, you need to select the appropriate services for your tenancy cleaning to have the right cleaning at the end of your tenancy. Regarding this, we are here to help, so feel free to contact us anytime. 

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