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How Much Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost in 2023? 


Moving out is a hectic procedure that requires so much of your time and energy. While managing so many tasks, finding time for end of tenancy cleaning” could be a hassle. Even if you have time, there are many other tasks that need your attention than the cleaning. But nonetheless, this cleaning is important. 

So, it is better that you hire professionals to deal with such cleaning. This way you would be able to deal with other important tasks. Meanwhile, professionals will be dealing with your tenancy cleaning. 

Cost of tenancy cleaning

There is a common misconception that end of tenancy cleaning is quite expensive. Well, compared to other regular cleaning services, it sure costs quite a bit. But still, this cost is extremely reasonable. In fact, compared to the ease of time and effort this service is not costly at all. On average you have to pay around 100 pounds for a small apartment or 650 pounds for a place with 6+ rooms. 

We consulted numerous cleaning companies and came up with the price ranges as per their services. However, most of these services include the cleaning of rooms only. So, the prices we will mention below would only cover the cleaning of the rooms. It won’t include the cleaning of carpets, upholstery, garage, external windows, etc. 

Studio flat cleaning costs around 100 to 180 pounds

  • 1 bath 1 bedroom costs around 140 to 228 pounds
  • 1 bath 2 bedroom costs around 192 to 276 pounds
  • 1 bath 3 bedroom costs around 214 to 372 pounds
  • 1 bath 4 bedroom costs around 236 to 468 pounds
  • 1 bath 5 bedroom costs around 258 to 516 pounds
  • 3 bedroom 2 bath costs around 236 to 420 pounds
  • 4 bedroom 2 bath costs around 258 to 516 pounds
  • 5 bedroom 2 bath costs around 280 to 564 pounds
  • 5 bedroom 3 bath costs around 302 to 612 pounds
  • 6+ bedroom house costs around 330 to 650 pounds

Cost determining factors of tenancy cleaning

Tenancy cleaning is one of the major requirements of the moving out procedure. Whether you do it yourself or hire professionals, you have to maintain a certain standard of cleaning to guarantee your security deposit back. It is a comprehensive process that requires your time, energy, and money. So, when you have to do everything then isn’t it better to “hire professionals for the cleaning“? 

Well, if you are considering hiring professionals then you should know there are various factors that affect the cost of their services. Some of these factors are.

  1. Location

The first thing that contributes a lot when tenancy cleaning is in question is location. Various areas have various rules and regulations that determine the extent of cleaning. For major areas of a city, the cost is a bit more compared to the sidelines of the city. Thus, as per your area, the cost of services would vary. Thus, you can’t say for sure that the cost would be high or low. You need to take various quotes from various companies to assess the price and services. 

  1. Property size 

As we mentioned above the size of the property matters a lot in determining the price. Different sizes of the property have different rates of tenancy cleaning. So, if you have a small flat then the cost would be different than the place having more rooms. Thus, the larger the place would be more would be the cost. 

  1. Property condition

It is also one of the major contributors to the overall cost. If you have maintained your place during your tenancy then you won’t have to pay a lump sum for the tenancy cleaning. However, if you haven’t been careful about the maintenance and cleaning of your place then you would have to pay extra for the thorough cleaning. Mostly, cleaning service providers first do the inspection and then decide to what extent your property needs services. Depending on those services they provide you the cost estimate. 

  1. Additional services

Mostly, tenancy cleaning only includes the cleaning of rooms. Other areas and things are extra. So, you would have to pay for additional cleaning services. Such as if you want to have carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or garage cleaning services, you would have to pay extra. 

This is something that you should ask beforehand in case you are considering taking professional services. Regarding this, you can have detailed information about our services and charges by simply contacting us. Pure end-of-tenancy cleaning is thorough with its services. 

  1. Timing

Time is one of the factors that determines the cost. If you make an advance booking with a certain company you won’t have to have the emergency services. This would save you from paying extra money for on-point services. Though many companies including ours provide services that you can get on an emergency basis. But of course, the cost would be different. 

  1. Company selection

The company you are going to choose will also determine the cost you would have to pay. Companies with strong reputations and great experience would charge more compared to the startups. However, pure end-of-tenancy cleaning is one of those companies that offer quality and money convenience together. So, you can have the perfect services from us at the most reasonable price you can ask for. 

  1. Time of the year

It is also one of the determinants that decide the cost of the tenancy cleaning. In peak moving season the cost is a bit higher than the rest of the year. So, we suggest you move off-season. It will help you save a considerable amount in getting services like tenancy cleaning. 


In the end, it is safe to say that there are many variables that contribute to determining the actual cost of tenancy cleaning. Thus, stating a set figure of the cost would be difficult. Various companies have various price structures. In the case of “pure end of tenancy cleaning” you can have detailed know-how of our services and prices easily. So, reach us today for the thorough details on how we operate and what our services cost. 

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